October Workshops

Dear Participants,

Beginning October 1, 2019, dfoww will provide and publish a schedule; monthly, for our online writing workshops.

All schedules will be made available between the 1st and 3rd day of each calendar month.

dfoww is small nonprofit organization with limited resources. We are currently in need of experienced writers and editors who are able to volunteer 1 – 3 hours per week, assisting our lead writer. If you or someone you know, is able to volunteer, please feel free to email us. Our email address is

As you are aware, pecuniary start-up cost, i.e., – Articles of Incorporation, 501 (c)3 filing, P.O. Box etc., can be quite costly. If you would like to donate monetarily to support us, click on the support us category, under the menu section at the top of the page.

As part of the volunteer staff here at dfoww, we are all committed to helping our participants enhance their vocabulary and writing skills, so they will be equipped with the necessary lifelong skills to effectively communicate.

Best regards,

– Executive Director

October 2019 Schedule

10/2/19 – Logophile Lovers | Building Vocabulary

10/3/19 – Word of the Day | Word of the Day

10/7/19 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

10/8/19 – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary

10/9/19 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

10/10/19 – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary

10/11/19 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

10/14/19 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

10/15/19 – Logophile Lovers | Building Vocabulary

10/16/19 – Word of the Day | Word of the Day

10/18/19 – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary

10/21/19 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

10/23/19 – Punctuation Marks Part 5 The Apostrophe | Basic Rules of Grammar

10/23/19 – Apostrophe Worksheet | Worksheets

10/25/19 – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary

10/28/19 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

10/30/19 – Logophile Lovers | Building Vocabulary

10/31/19 – Word of the Day | Word of the Day

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