About Me

Daphany DuBois was born in 1978 and raised in Niagara Falls, New York. At the tender age of 15, Daphany became a local exponent for Intersex people and for those who may identify as Transgender, but were actually born with an intersex condition.

After graduating from LaSalle Senior High school in 1996, she began writing her first book “Emotionally Scarred” – A collection of short stories and poems, addressing Intersex related issues, – later published by “The Rise”, a privately owned publishing company in Augusta, Georgia.

In 2001, Daphany attended Erie Community College in Buffalo, New York, where she later graduated in 2004, earnings her Associate Degree in Humanities and Social Science.

In 2010, Daphany attended Herzing University in Atlanta, Georgia where she studied “Bussines Management”, in hopes to one day, start a nonprofit organization.

In 2010, Daphany began writing her memoirs titled: “1027 The Red House on The Left”, which was later published in 2012.

In 2013, Daphany took a much needed break from her secular work as a writer, but continued to advocate for Intersex and Transgender rights within her community, while also focusing on her “Christian Life and Ministry”, as an ordained Minister.

In 2017, Daphany began writing her first romance novel, titled: “The Serendipity of a Philodendron”, which she hopes to complete sometime in 2020.

Daphany enjoys writing and stated: “Writing is what I do best and I love to do it. My goal, is to use my God given talent, to help others learn how to write and become better writers”.

In 2018, Daphany began structuring her nonprofit organization, Daphany’s Free Online Writing Workshop, (dfoww). The mission of this online writing workshop is to provide writing assistance, to any and all marginalized individuals and or their communities. The goal of this online writing workshop, is help people become better readers and writers.*

Daphany is a Freelance Writer and Logophile, who continues to be an ardent exponent on Intersex biological variations and gender related issues. Daphany currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she operates and manages her nonprofit organization, (dfoww).

*Please see our mission statement page.