Founder and Executive Director

Daphany DuBois is a Human Rights Advocate, Freelance Writer, Logophile and she is an ardent exponent on Intersex biological variations and gender related issues. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she operates and manages her nonprofit charity organization (DFOWW Incorporated). The organization, provides hunger relief and GED preparation classes to underprivileged, low-income, individuals, and communities.

Daphany enjoys writing and sharing her expertise. “Writing is what I do best, and I love to do it. My goal is to use my God given talent to help others learn how to read and write well, so that they communicate effectively.”

Daphany graduated from LaSalle Senior High school in Niagara Falls, New York then wrote her first book Emotionally Scarred a collection of short stories and poems, addressing intersex related issues, published by The Rise Company, a privately owned publishing company in Augusta, Georgia. Daphany published her memoirs in 2012, 1027 The Red House on Left. She graduated from Erie Community College in Buffalo, New York, earning her Associate Degree in Humanities and Social Science and later attended Herzing University in Atlanta, Georgia where she studied Business Management. Daphany is currently working on several writing projects, including her first romance novel titled, The Serendipity of a Philodendron, which is scheduled for publication in 2024.

Daphany Dubois

Daphany DuBois also known as Darnell Williams. Enclosed is an archived article from the 1996 Niagara Gazette newspaper; highlighting some of Daphany’s valiant, courageous, trailblazing, human rights advocacy work, at 17 years old.

Daphany DuBois also known as Darnella Williams. Enclosed is an archived article from the 2005 Metro Spirit newspaper; highlighting some of Daphany’s bold, unwavering, trailblazing human rights advocacy work.

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