Write-Right Artwork Program

Create a Better Piece of Artwork to Represent Dfoww, Inc.! It will only cost $5 to enter your piece of artwork to info@dfoww.org. You can submit a $5 donation through PayPal and submit your piece of artwork that similarly represents literacy’s ability to empower people just like the artwork below. The public will make their choice of the best artwork within two weeks when dfoww, Inc. submits to the public all of the various artwork submissions. That artwork will be represented on dfoww, Inc.’s webpage for two months. We will then restart the whole artwork contest again until a new winner is chosen. An example of a piece of artwork celebrating literacy is the following:

To participate please fill out the form below. Once that is complete, click the blue PayPal button to donate your $5. Make sure that your name matches up with the donation name so we know how to find you!

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