Write-Right Stories

Do you have an amazing and inspirational story to tell? We want hear, publish and share your story with our 5,000+ followers! dfoww, Incorporated would love to showcase your talents through our new Write-Right Stories program. We are now accepting submissions for our newest prompt: A Letter to My Younger Self. Each week we will be publishing one of your stories on our website’s home page to encourage our peers.

Society’s standards often evoke an overworked and overwhelmed lifestyle. Slowing down and taking a breather from our busy lives isn’t always easy, but it’s critical that we do so in order to be efficient critical thinkers. These stories will serve as a method of introspection, not only for the individual, but for those who can relate to others’ life events. We urge you to examine your own thoughts, feelings and sensations; and gain valuable, relatable insight through a new lens.

What in your life has motivated you to push through obstacles and make it to where you are today? This moment of reflection is intended to help you refocus on your strengths and the positivity in your life that has outweighed the doubt. Face your fears by remembering how you have conquered in life so far and find happiness on your own terms. We hope these stories will inspire your writing, provide self-love motivation and influence others to never stop learning and growing.

If this is something of interest to you, please follow the submission instructions below:

  1. Write a detailed letter to your younger self.
    • How would you warn, teach or comfort your younger self and why?
    • What challenges have faced in your life? How have you overcome those challenges?
  2. Use your own words and syntax to let us see what it’s like to be in your shoes. We want to relate to your struggles and be inspired by your triumphs.
  3. All submissions must contain two photos of yourself; one as a child and one as an adult.
  4. Submit the (2) photos to: info@dfoww.org. Submit the story below.
  5. A donation of $3.00 is required with all submissions.

All donations will be used to help ensure dfoww, Incorporated continues to provide all services free of charge to the public.

When you feel your story is ready for review and publication, please click submit. Once that is complete, click the Donate button to the right to donate your $3.00.