Write-Right Stories

Do you have an amazing and inspirational story to tell? Would you like your story to be published and shared with our more than 4,000 followers? If so, dfoww, Incorporated would love to showcase your talents through our new Write-Right Stories program. We are now accepting submissions and each week will be publishing an inspirational story – A Letter to My Younger Self – on our website’s home page. 

Not only will this help inspire someone else, but it will help you as well. We as people are constantly observing and analyzing. Slowing down and taking a breather from our crazy lives isn’t always the easiest thing to do. While it is second nature to think critically, the ironic part is we often forget to apply this to ourselves. However, with introspection, which involves examining one’s own thoughts, feelings and sensations, we can gain valuable insight.

This program was created to be inspirational and serve as a reflection of what has transpired for you to be where you are today. Reflection keeps you focused on the bigger picture and helps you not worry about things as much. It can also help you face fears and allows you to find happiness on your own terms. We hope this program will help you dig deeper into yourself as well as encourage you to be the best writer and learner you can be.

If this is something of interest to you, please follow the submission instructions below:

  1. You must write a detailed letter to your younger self.
    • Address what you would tell your younger self and why.
    • Address what challenges you have faced in your life. How have you overcome those challenges?
  2. Through your words, pull us into your journey so we can imagine what it’s like to be you. We want to be inspired by your struggles and triumphs.
  3. All submissions must contain two photos of yourself; one as a child and one as an adult. Please email both photos to info@dfoww.org once your story submission is complete.
  4. A donation of $3.00 is required with all submissions.

All donations will be used to help ensure dfoww, Incorporated continues to provide all services free of charge to the public.

When you feel your story is ready for review and publication, please click submit. Once that is complete, click the Donate button to the right to donate your $3.00.