Board Member Application

All prospective board members should be mindful of the seriousness of serving as an officer on a nonprofit board of directors. The collective board, individual directors/trustees, and volunteers owe fiduciary duties to the nonprofit organization with which they serve.

Exercising fiduciary duties means that board members have duty to act with care and in the best interest of the organization and remain loyal to its mission as opposed to acting in their own interest. The board of directors, as a body, must be on one accord and work to promote the nonprofit’s mission as set forth by the executive director (This is a remote volunteer board member position).

Serving on a board of directors is a huge deal. Serving on a nonprofit board of directors will expand your skill set. Just by being involved, you’re sure to learn more about marketing, governance, finance, branding, recruiting volunteers, interacting with community officials and community members, and much more.

Some additional benefits include,

* Helping others in the community

* Networking with other professionals

* Gaining valuable leadership experience

* Being listed with the IRS and Secretary of State’s office as a certified officer with authority given from the state to ensure and oversee the charity mission

* All donations, student sponsorship fees and member dues are a tax write-off

* All paid fundraising dues are a tax-write-off

* 2-4 hours paid work leave per week (in some cases) if you inform your employer that you serve on a board and have board duties

* Certified volunteer hours certificate

To apply, please fill out the following application and a representative from the Board will be in contact with you.

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