Board of Directors

We here at dfoww, Incorporated pride ourselves on being an inclusive opportunity educational, nonprofit charity organization, and employer. Inclusion at dfoww, Inc. is about creating a culture where people’s differences are welcome!

Ms. Ronda Spencer – Teaching Committee

Ms. Spencer is a native of Augusta, Ga currently residing in the Metro Atlanta Area. She graduated from Davidson Fine Arts Magnet High school, received her B.A in Social Psychology from Augusta State University and then earned her M.Ed. from Augusta State specializing in Special Education.

As a former mental health clinician of 5 years and a special educator for over 18 years she maintains that all students can learn with access to the correct tools. She believes that nurturing the whole child is pivotal in meeting the educational needs of students. Ms. Spencer is currently an Administrator for a behavior based therapeutic program that provides services to local school districts in the Metro Atlanta area.  

Having a strong foundation in literacy has the ability to impact lives.  Ms. Spencer looks forward to sharing her ideas and working with others as it relates to connecting children and their parents to valuable resources in the community through dfoww. 

Mr. Jamaal Francis – Co-Chairman of the Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee 

New York City resident Mr. Jamaal Francis serves as a Vice President at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., where he manages successful teams and partnership initiatives. Mr. Francis has over 18 years of experience in the financial services industry with expertise in customer identification, anti-money laundering and process improvements. Mr. Francis has held various leadership positions throughout his career, including his role as a departmental Procedural Advisory Committee member. 

Amongst a gambit of volunteering experience, he found his niche in mentoring to both colleagues and inner-city youths of color. Mr. Francis mentored with the Young Men’s Initiative and was previously awarded Partner in Education by the New York City Mentoring Program for his dedication to the community. During his teenage years, Mr. Francis left St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands to live in New York. Much of his adolescent years were spent living in economically disadvantaged areas. He owes many of his achievements to programs like dfoww, Inc. and hopes to provide similar opportunities to today’s youth. 

Mr. Francis earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Human Resource Management from the Zicklin School of Business at the City University of New York, Baruch College. He enjoys reading, martial arts, traveling, hiking and outdoor water sports. 

Mr. Sidney Bohanen – Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee

Mr. Sidney Bohanen began helping others by volunteering within the Detroit Public School System. Over time, he has volunteered at several organizations within his community and worked with individuals of all ages. Mr. Bohanen is passionate about empowering and advocating for women to conquer the cultural challenges of our society. Currently, Mr. Bohanen is working as a Clinical Mental Health Intern to improve the well-being of others. He is also completing his master’s degree at the University of Phoenix.

Mr. Savitra Kulkarni -Chairman of the Correspondence Committee

Mr. Savitra Kulkarni was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is currently an undergraduate student attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; he is completing his bachelor’s degree in statistics. Mr. Kulkarni is an avid fan of the Panthers and Hornets sports teams. Mr. Kulkarni also has a passion for tutoring and helping others. He looks forward to supporting others by working with dfoww, Incorporated.

Mr. Tasmai Vulli – Appropriations Committee

Tasmai Vulli is an undergraduate student double majoring in Neuroscience and Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Vulli enjoys chess, reading, writing, sketching and boxing. His understanding of the importance of education – especially education focused on reading and writing proficiency in building a more united community – is why Mr. Vulli decided to join dfoww, Incorporated.  

Ms. Lauren Polson – Teaching Committee

Ms. Lauren Polson lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English from The University of California, Berkeley. For years, she has been an essay tutor and editor for college students. She also loves to help others find and polish their voice.

Ms. Polson loves creative writing and dreams of becoming a published novelist. She believes that literacy skills open many doors and are essential for everyday successes such as acing exams, writing effective cover letters, and tackling college application essays.

Ms. Polson is passionate about social justice and advocacy. She wants to do all that she can to help dfoww, Inc. carry out its mission of creating and providing accessible literacy education resources to the community.

Ms. Janyah Glenn – Chairwoman of the Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee  

Ms. Janyah Glenn is from Tallahassee, Florida, but grew up in Sanford, Florida. She is an advocate for criminal justice reform and has worked as a juvenile probation officer with the Department of Juvenile Justice for four years. Throughout her career, Ms. Glenn has advocated for the rights of juveniles in the criminal justice system.

Ms. Glenn is a higher education enthusiast. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Florida A&M University, where she has returned to pursue a master’s degree in Social Work. Ms. Glenn is an active member of her community and spends time mentoring inner-city youth at community centers and churches.

Ms.Glenn’s hobbies include reading, writing, swimming, and crafting. She has been an avid reader and writer since she was a young girl. Her favorite authors include Zora Neal Hurston, Lurlene McDaniel, and Sister Souljah.

Ms. Cynthia R. Stockard – Chairwoman of the Teaching Committee

Ms. Stockard is a proud mother of three and has three grandchildren. She enjoys movies, crocheting, and traveling. Having worked with children for 20 years, Ms. Stockard began her career as a volunteer. She later became a program director for at-risk children. 

As she continued to work within the education system, Ms. Stockard’s passion for helping children and their families expanded. Ms. Stockard is an active advocate for the welfare of children and their families. She has developed several programs that target at-risk children and adolescents. Ms. Stockard has trained 3,000+ parents and professionals in the areas of child abuse and neglect and human trafficking.

Ms. Stochard has earned her bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Development and a master’s degree in Family Studies. Her desire is to provide reading and writing assistance to underprivileged individuals and communities by joining the dfoww, Inc.

Mr. Elijah Dorneval – Secretary 

Elijah Dorneval is a Miami, FL native and University of Central Florida graduate where he majored in Health Sciences Pre-Medicine. He currently resides in Orlando, FL. Since childhood, he has loved helping those around him. He also had a strong affinity towards the sciences including chemistry, physics and biology. With these two loves, Mr. Dorneval chose to heal because medicine combines his love for helping others and science. Growing up as a Haitian and Puerto Rican double minority proved challenging, but he persevered. Now, he feels a strong sense of duty to help those who may seem to have the odds stacked against them. Mr. Dorneval’s aim is to bring to dfoww, a strong level of organization, communication and fresh ideas  

Ms. Shantell Hadley – Chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee

 Shantell Hadley is a Gainesville, Florida native.  She has her MBA in Nonprofit Management and her Bachelors in Organizational Management. Shantell is also a Notary Public for the State of Florida. She has eight years of experience in finance, accounting, billing and administrative operations. Ms. Hadley is a current Fundraising Committee Chair and board member of Keep Alachua County Beautiful, Community Volunteer Leader for the American Red Cross, Site Coordinator for United Way of North Central Florida Vita Tax Program, External Affairs Liaison for Life Target and Data Research Analyst/External Affairs Liaison for Touching Hearts. 

She enjoys traveling, volunteering, mentoring and spending time with her family. Ms. Hadley is enthusiastic about providing support using her current and previous work and educational experience to further dfoww’s mission to provide literacy to minorities.

Ms. Rebecca Harris – Appropriations Committee

Ms. Harris currently resides in  New Jersey. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics with a Minor in Computer Science. She also completed cluster studies in Spanish in 2020 from the University of Rochester.

Rebecca is specifically passionate about creating and implementing effective programs to encourage sustainable international development and has volunteered in several organizations such as SHH (Students Helping Honduras) and Sofiar Despierto (Volunteer foundation for underprivileged children).

Ms. Harris has experience implementing and controlling a small business accounting system and has served in business management for the University of Rochester’s Daydream Foundation and Kwetu Business Entrepreneurship Clubs.

Ms. Harris has chosen to join dfoww Inc. to help grow an organization dedicated to providing opportunities.

Ms. Crystal Reese – Teaching Committee

 Ms. Reese, a native of Thomson, GA, has always been an avid reader. Surrounded by a family of educators, she knew early on that her purpose was to help people reach their academic goals. Ms. Reese currently serves as a schoolteacher in Washington, DC, after having chased the dream of working in education as early as high school. 

She enrolled in classes that gave her exposure to interacting with youth, especially those who might have otherwise been ignored in the classroom setting. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Georgia and her master’s degree in Counselor Education from Clemson University. She has had various roles that have enabled her to work with students from K-12 and even those on the collegiate level. While at the University of Georgia, she busied herself with tutoring and volunteering for different programs within the Athens area that aided low-income, minority students.

She truly believes education is directly correlated to quality of life and wants to help others pursue their goals. Ms. Reese hopes to support the dfoww, Inc. mission by making sure that students who otherwise might not have had a fair shot, are given just that. 

Ms. Lorrdyn Boulay – Editing Committee

Ms. Boulay is a native to the Columbus area of Georgia and finished her degree at Georgia State University. Her degree is in English with a concentration in rhetoric and composition. She loves volunteering and giving back to the community. She also loves reading, writing, film and learning more about the world and everything in it. Lorrdyn is a proponent for higher education and hopes that she can make a difference by bringing literacy to those in need while learning more about the nonprofit world. 

Ms. Demi Famisan – Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee

Ms. Famisan lives in the Los Angeles area and earned her B.S. in Biology from the University of California, Riverside. As an immigrant and first-generation college student, she is very passionate about education and its ability to reduce poverty. She has been a tutor for years, and in university, she worked as a supplemental instruction leader conducting her own discussion style tutoring sessions for traditionally difficult courses such as calculus and biology. While STEM disciplines fascinate her, Ms. Famisan also has a deep love for reading novels and prose poetry. She hopes to share her love for learning through dfoww, Inc. by carrying out its mission in advocating accessible literacy programs to underserved communities.

Dr.  Kathy Sumbry-Wilkins D.M. – Appropriations Committee

Dr. Sumbry-Wilkins is a retired GS-14 civil servant with more than 30 years of service within the federal government. Her list of educational achievements includes a Doctor of Management from the University of Phoenix; a BA and MA in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama and an Advanced Certificate in Management from the University of New Mexico. She also brings a broad range of executive experience related to management and organizational leadership. Presently, she is an adjunct faculty member with the University of Phoenix serving in this position for more than 14 years. Dr. Sumbry-Wilkins has an excellent approach to transformation leadership which will play a key role in ensuring the continued success and growth of dfoww. 

Cynthia Molina Ph.D. – Chairwoman of Foreign Language Committee; Teaching Committee 

Dr. Molina earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Old Dominion University in 2019 and published two reading articles titled Incorporating IStation into Early Childhood Classrooms to Improve Reading Comprehension in 2017 and The Impact of a Teacher’s Implementation of the ReadWorks Digital Reading Program on Second Graders’ Reading Fluency and Comprehension Test Scores in 2018. She also earned a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Liberty University in 2004. Additionally, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from U.C. Berkeley California in 1997.

 She learned to read, write and speak Spanish and some German while in high school and college. Bilingual in Spanish and English, language has always fascinated Dr. Molina, who plans to graduate with a degree in paralegal studies October 2020 from Liberty University. She has taught elementary school subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies for over 14 years. Currently, she teaches English to adult learners who are learning it as a second language through her volunteer work with Peninsula READS, a non-profit organization. 

Mr.  Paul S. Swanson – Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee

Mr. Swanson was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY, where he resides today. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Empire State College. He has spent the past 22 years working in the Health and Human Service Field in various positions.

Throughout this time, he has learned how to be a leader, advocate and mentor while serving populations within the OPWDD (Office of People with Developmental Disabilities), OASAS (Office of Addiction Services and Supports) and OMH (Office of Mental Health). Some hobbies he enjoys are reading, fishing and working on cars. He hopes to fulfill the mission of the organization by advocating literacy to underprivileged communities.

Mrs. Marlena Lewis – Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee

Ms. Lewis is a retired Army veteran who graduated from Trident International University with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Logistics. She is also a published author and advocate for those diagnosed with Lyme disease. Ms. Lewis is a proponent of higher education and rooted in her faith and ministry. Mrs. Lewis states that she loves people, spending time with family, church activities, traveling and the great outdoors. She joined dfoww Incorporated to help others who are on their path to literacy.

Dr. Dolapo Bankole Pharm D.  – Editing Committee

Dr. Dolapo started her career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Detroit, Michigan. She soon received national recognition for winning a sales award in a historically underperforming territory. She was then moved to the company headquarters where she worked as a sales trainer.

She has also worked as the Director of Editorial Services with Consumer Health Magazine, a publication dedicated to the education of people infected/affected by HIV and Hepatitis C, where her primary role was to ensure that health-related information was easily accessible to readers.

Currently, she is an Educational Consultant with over a decade of successful experience improving schools in Lagos, Nigeria. She specializes in curriculum review, assessment of testing methods, development of business plans and marketing materials, and employee management.  

Dolapo earned a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Michigan and a Postgraduate Certificate in International Education from the University of Nottingham, U.K. She is passionate about community service and has always volunteered during her spare time. She is particularly concerned about the growing learning gaps among people of color and lower income families.