Board of Directors

We here at dfoww, Incorporated pride ourselves on being an inclusive opportunities educational, nonprofit charity organization and employer. Inclusion at dfoww, Incorporated is about creating a culture where people’s differences are welcomed!

Ms. Bernadette Turner-Correspondence Committee

Ms. Turner attended Stark State College, where she studied psychology.  In 1998, she went on to earn her cosmetology license.

For the past 25 years, Ms. Turner has spent most of her free time volunteering to assist seniors and disabled veterans. 

Ms. Turner is a literacy advocate and has always been active in her children’s education. “I’ve always stressed the importance of education, entrepreneurship and helping others to my children.” ~ Ms. Turner

Ms. Yhillisia Townsend – Chairwoman of the Correspondence Committee

Ms. Yhillisia Townsend resides in Niagara Falls, New York. Yhillisia is an avid reader and a literary advocate. She has volunteered for nonprofit organizations and is currently a volunteer for the Niagara Falls, New York Public School System.

Yhillisia is a mentor to underprivileged youth and volunteers her time assisting low income families secure resources to satisfy their food insecurity challenges. Currently she works with the elderly and disabled seniors residing in her community. Ms. Townsend loves to bring smiles to others. Yhillisia is completing her bachelor degree at Bryant and Stratton College.

Ms. Lilien Exposito Pomares – Chairwoman of the Foreign Language Committee (Bilingual Outreach Specialist)

Lilien Exposito Pomares is a graduate student at the University of West Georgia, where she is obtaining her Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Business Intelligence and Cybersecurity. She has also obtained her Bachelor’s of Business Administration at the University of West Georgia in Accounting and Finance, with a minor in Spanish. Lilien graduated from UWG in 3 years. During this time she was involved heavily on campus from being a university ambassador, tour guide, peer tutor and holding 3 executive board positions; one of them being the Treasurer of her co-ed fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity.

Lilien and her family are Cuban; she was actually born on the island and moved to the US at the age of 8, making her bilingual in Spanish and English. In her free time, she loves to go on hikes, read poetry, travel, and spend time with her family and friends.

Lilien is a certified digital literacy expert, including most Microsoft Office programs; she has showcased her research work on artificial intelligence at the annual Scholars’ Day at UWG. Lilien loves to give back, by working with minorities and underprivileged communities, ever since she worked closely with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at UWG. For 3 consecutive years, she was a part of the student panel for the Hispanic Track during the university’s Preview Day. In this track and in her role as a tour guide, she encouraged Hispanic students to think about college and the benefits that come with it; as well as all the resources that are available to minorities.

Ms. Dulce Nunez – Foreign Language Committee

Ms. Dulce Nunez is a Honduran native who currently resides in Maryland. She loves to read and help others by engaging in volunteer work. She is an advocate and strongly opposes human trafficking.

Ms. Nunez is a Foreign Language Teacher and teaches middle school students Spanish literature. Dulce believes that her work as an Educator is a contribution to world peace. Her work experience also includes education consulting, violence intervention along with prevention initiatives in her home country.

Dulce is a TESOL certified teacher and has been a field researcher in the Central American region. Dulce holds a bachelor degree in TEFL from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras.

Mr. Lorando Lockhart – Chairman of the Editing Committee (Editor-In-Chief)

Lorando started writing early in life having been taught how to spell before he entered kindergarten. His introduction to the written language began with his aunt teaching him how to spell his name when he was about four-years-old. From there, he quickly learned to spell everyone’s name in his grandmother’s house. While his older cousins were at school, he began reading books he found around the house.

By the time he was in elementary school, his teachers were encouraging his gifts. Throughout middle and high school, Lorando would become a member of the newspaper and yearbook staff where he had the opportunity to sharpen his writing skill. When he entered college at Claflin University, Lorando knew he would major in English. He was taken under the wing of Vivian Glover, a former NBC Field Producer who further pushed the him to learn as much as he could about sentence construction and the storytelling arts. He took the craft seriously and graduated before joining The Greenville News as a staff writer. Lorando would go on to cover several small cities within Greenville South Carolina, During his 10-year tenure, he covered city government, elections, the local police beat and entertainment. 

Following his journalism career, Lorando went on to become a business owner. As a business owner he wrote procedures for banks, edited books, created work instructions and website content for local start ups. He just completed editing his eighth book and is currently working on his first novel. He also splits his time between Atlanta, Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina as a technical and proposal writer. Lorando has spent the past 20 years working as a professional writer and is now looking for opportunities to teach others the craft he learned so many years ago. While he understands writing is not everyone’s passion, he does realize the importance of knowing how to correctly express and document thoughts through the written word. 

Mrs. Tarrah Jones – Chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee & Executive Committee

Mrs. Tarrah Jones is a native of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. As part of a military family, she has traveled worldwide. Mrs. Jones has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years in roles ranging from board leadership to heading a family support nonprofit as an Executive Director. Having served in both volunteer and professional capacities, much of her work has centered on nonprofit fundraising and estate planning.

She has raised millions for a wide variety of nonprofits and businesses but welcomes the quiet solitude that editing and writing brings. She prefers working behind-the-scenes and loves to see others grow and develop their voice and to grow existing organizations with great missions.

She currently has multiple book series and journal projects, and is an adult and youth Latin and grammar instructor. She has an educational background in the literary works of Shakespeare, business, and the legal field. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach and playing golf with her husband Nathan and their blended family.

Ms. Danielle Moses – Chairwoman of the Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee (Marketing Specialist)

Trinidad native Danielle Moses was a first-generation American public school student who was quick to realize that culture, background and birthright could sometimes be an unfair determination of future wealth. These perceived inequities are primarily why she promotes equality to break the poverty cycles plaguing young people. Education is her weapon of choice as Moses seeks to evoke a sense of empowerment in the children she encounters.

Moses has worked with the National English Honors Society (NEHS) where she was tasked with helping high-school students edit essays and other academic reports. While she enjoyed supporting the students, she couldn’t help but think she was only assisting those from affluent families. After her stint with NEHS, Moses went on to Georgia State University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

During her enrollment, she also became a faculty member working at the Foundations Department to help effectuate millions of scholarship dollars for underprivileged students. This work enabled those undergraduates to continue, maintain or reinstate their college enrollment. She did this by manually filing over 2,800 memorandums of understanding and endowment agreements to the organization’s internal server. The work was one of the most rewarding jobs of her life, but Moses said she wants to engage in more hands-on methods by working directly with the Atlanta community.

Ms. Regina R. Bryant – Correspondence Committee

Ms. Regina-Renae Bryant is a registered nurse and U.S. Army veteran residing near Downtown Atlanta GA. She is a caring healthcare advocate with a reputation for developing positive relations and creating a comfortable environment for the people with which she interacts.

Ms. Bryant engages easily in abstract thinking and is adept at problem solving. She has strong organizational, task prioritization and delegation skills. As a fan of the written language, Ms. Bryant understands that there is much to be gained when people learn to utilize words to convey intent. Her interest in dfoww, Incorporated was triggered by the nonprofit’s mission – particularly the portion regarding our, “specific emphasis on helping to improve writing skills and syntax.”

Ms. Dominique Lambright – Chairwoman of the Teaching Committee (Co-chair of Development)

Dominique Lambright currently resides in Racine, WI. She is a business owner and substitute teacher in the Racine Unified School District. She has a great passion for writing and editing and has been substitute teaching for about a year now as well. Dominique has 2 beautiful daughters that keep her on her toes and grounded. As Dominique progresses in her passion and business she is presented with opportunities to give back and joining, dfoww, Incorporated is one of them.

Dominique attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from Fall 2011 to Winter 2015 and attained her BA in English: Technical/Professional Writing. She loves helping others better understand what she loves, words, structure of writing, and grammar.

Dr. Corine T. Ferebee – Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee

Dr. Corine T. Ferebee is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, consultant and health advocate. She holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana, College of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Medical College of Georgia. 

Dr. Ferebee has practiced pharmacy for over 10 years where she has maintained several leadership roles. Dr. Ferebee has additional certifications in Personal Training, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Advanced Nutrition. 

Dr. Ferebee was born in Augusta, Georgia and now lives in the Atlanta area. She enjoys the arts and reading and has a desire to help youth experience those things as well. Dr. Ferebee understands the importance of education and continues to make volunteering in the community a priority.

Ms. Maiya Hawkins – Editing Committee

Maiya Hawkins grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs. She graduated from the University of the Arts in 2016 with a BFA in Writing for Film and TV. However, her writing journey began at age 9 when she decided to try her hand at novel writing, the product of which was her first handwritten title, “Unicorn Island.” That she chose writing as the medium to express herself comes as no surprise as she was named after Maya Angelou. Since childhood, she’s grown in her passion and is now writing and producing films and shows.

Ms. Hawkins has been active in the childcare industry for over 10 years and relishes bringing writing and her love of children under one roof. From volunteering at after school programs, to private nannying and preschool teaching, she believe in and advocate for the importance of educating children academically, emotionally and creatively. She hopes to incorporate this mission in all areas of her work, up to and including supporting the dfoww cause, along with the stories she develops through her production company, the Mandala Project.

Ms. Ronda Spencer – Teaching Committee

Ms. Spencer is a native of Augusta, Ga currently residing in the Metro Atlanta Area. She graduated from Davidson Fine Arts Magnet High school, received her B.A in Social Psychology from Augusta State University and then earned her M.Ed. from Augusta State specializing in Special Education.

As a former mental health clinician of 5 years and a special educator for over 18 years she maintains that all students can learn with access to the correct tools. She believes that nurturing the whole child is pivotal in meeting the educational needs of students. Ms. Spencer is currently an Administrator for a behavior based therapeutic program that provides services to local school districts in the Metro Atlanta area.  

Having a strong foundation in literacy has the ability to impact lives.  Ms. Spencer looks forward to sharing her ideas and working with others as it relates to connecting children and their parents to valuable resources in the community through dfoww. 

Ms. Ivory Shields – Correspondence Committee

Ms. Shields An Atlanta, Georgia native. Ms. Shields is determined to bring exposure and awareness of mind to the youth through meditation. She believes that if children are equipped with the tools to go within themselves, it will allow them to not only cope, but also thrive as they develop into compassionate and productive teenagers and adults.

Ms. Shields was inspired to coach others after years of sharing stories with thousands of others as an occupational therapist and actor. In doing so, she discovered that most people she encountered were unhappy and unfulfilled in so many areas of their life as a result of unresolved childhood sexual and/or emotional trauma. She believes that in order to experience life in its fullness, people must unpack the baggage of unreconciled pain. Ms. Shields is a proponent for higher education and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to Write-Right. In her spare time she enjoys practicing yoga and spending time with her closest friends.

Mr. Travis Evans – Marketing and Social Media Outreach Committee

Mr. Evans has studied video, graphic design, mathematics, and photography. In doing so, he learned to build websites and the other social media platforms. He has written one book and was the IT person at his former job. Additionally, Mr. Evans has tutored students of all ages in math, reading, and computers.

Having previously founded a non-profit, he has also worked for a nonprofit organization for five years and has been on the board of two other non-profits. Now, Mr. Evans looks to assist dfoww, Inc. in the areas of graphic design, photography as well as video editing and shooting. His motto is each one support one, and his personal passion center on supporting others, so they may prosper.