Write-Right Nutrition Program

In addition to literacy achievement challenges, many low-income, individuals, communities, senior citizens, and families with children experience food insecurity and lack resources to meet their basic needs. This often results in poor nutrition, which is interconnected with learning outcomes. Brain fuel is essential to effectively utilize education.

We are pleased to announce our hunger relief program the Write-Right Nutrition Program (WRNP). Under this program, all students enrolled in the Write-Right Literacy Program will receive free groceries and grocery gift cards to purchase food for themselves and their immediate family. In addition, we have officially opened our nutrition program to include senior citizens who experience food insecurity. Our hunger relief program also provides nutritional literacy information on healthy foods to eat and tips on creative ways to prepare healthy meals. In addition, under the Write-Right Nutrition Program, we will continue to provide free meals at each of our community events that are open to the public. Each meal will include the main course and a fruit and/or vegetable. For more information and how to apply, please email us at info@dfoww.org.

This is just another way in which DFOWW Incorporated Board of Directors are committed to improving the lives of low-income, individuals, senior citizens, communities and families with children.


DFOWW Incorporated

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