Daphany’s Free Online Writing Workshop


Definition: showing great attention to detail or correct behavior


I’ll use it in a sentence:

● The Baker was punctilious, while decorating the wedding cake.

● Because the prison inmate was punctilious and consistently cooperated with the prison guards; he was granted an early release.

● Frank’s kindness and punctilious concern, for his best friend Tiffany, made her fall in love with him.

● As a copy editor, Dawson was punctilious and extremely thorough.

●  Doctor Cooper was punctilious and convivial, while examining each of his patients.

Now it’s your turn, on a sheet of paper or in the comment section below, write a few sentences, using the word: punctilious.

Tip: Use the word during a conversation today. The more you familiarize yourself with this word, by consistently incorporating it in your vocabulary and writing, the easier it will be to remember the word. Figuratively speaking, you’ll own the word.

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