November Workshops

November 2019 Schedule 11/7/19 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary 11/8/19 – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary 11/11/19 – Logophiles | Building Vocabulary 11/12/19 – Word of the Day | Word of the Day 11/15/19 – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary 11/18/19 – Logophiles | Building Vocabulary 11/19/19 – Word of the Day | WordContinue reading “November Workshops”

October Workshops

Dear Participants: Beginning October 1, 2019, dfoww will provide and publish a schedule; monthly, for our online writing workshops. All schedules will be made available between the 1st and 3rd day of each calendar month. As part of the volunteer staff here at dfoww, we are all committed to helping our participants enhance their vocabularyContinue reading “October Workshops”