adjective  Definition:  Unpleasant and likely to cause bad feelings in other people.  Tending to cause discontent, animosity, or envy.  Giving offense by discriminating unfairly.  Examples of invidious in a sentence:  • Noah’s invidious affectation, angered his co-workers.*  • Invidious lawmakers, continue to exclude those born intersex, from being recognized in law.  • Victor’s invidious, ostentatiousContinue reading “Invidious”


adjective Definition:  1. Juvenile, immature, and lacking good judgement.  2. Conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed.  Examples of sophomoric in a sentence:  • The Judge was outraged by the defendant’s sophomoric humor, while being questioned by the prosecutor.  • The Acting United States Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker’s, testimony before Congress, was sophomoric andContinue reading “Sophomoric”


adjective Definition: demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight. Examples of bellicose in a sentence: • Because of Hector’s bellicose behavior at the mall, he was arrested by police for disorderly conduct. • I’d rather surround myself with convivial people than bellicose fools. • Everyone avoided Justin at work because of his bellicose personality.  • It’sContinue reading “Bellicose”