Confident Definition: 1. someone who is confident believes in their own abilities and does not feel nervous or frightened 2. having or showing assurance 3. full of conviction If you’re confident you are sure about something, someone, or yourself. Confident is often a word of assurance. – Vocabulary Dictionary Part of Speech (POS) adjective Below are aContinue reading “Confident”

2019 Fiscal Report

Fiscal year 2019 100% of the pecuniary donations we received were used to implement additional educational programs and services free of charge to the public, participants and our students. We would like thank the following individuals for their support and donations to our nonprofit: Ms. Chanel Williams –  Individual Donor Mrs. Rashona Miller-Dudley –  IndividualContinue reading “2019 Fiscal Report”


Pusillanimous Definition: 1. lacking courage and resolution 2. timid, cowardly, or irresolute; fainthearted 3. weak and cowardly You can describe someone who lacks courage as pusillanimous, such as a pusillanimous student who is too afraid to speak out against someone who is bullying others. The pusillanimous person stays quiet, doesn’t get involved, waits for someoneContinue reading “Pusillanimous”