Pusillanimous Definition: 1. lacking courage and resolution 2. timid, cowardly, or irresolute; fainthearted 3. weak and cowardly You can describe someone who lacks courage as pusillanimous, such as a pusillanimous student who is too afraid to speak out against someone who is bullying others. The pusillanimous person stays quiet, doesn’t get involved, waits for someoneContinue reading “Pusillanimous”


Vapid Definition of vapid: 1. lacking liveliness; dull 2. offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging 3. lacking flavor, zest, interest, animation, or spirit Part of Speech (POS) adjective If you describe someone or something as vapid, you are critical of them because they are dull and uninteresting. – Collins Dictionary Vapid means “not livelyContinue reading “Vapid”


dfoww Obsequious Definition: 1. showing too great a willingness to serve or obey; fawning 2. excessively submissive; overly obedient If you disapprove of the overly submissive way someone is acting — like the teacher’s pet or a celebrity’s assistant — call them by the formal adjective obsequious. Obsequious people are usually not being genuine; theyContinue reading “Obsequious”