La palabra del día Petulante Definición: 1. Repentina, irritación especialmente por una pequeña molestia.  2. Facilmente malhumorado o irritado  3. Insolente o grosero en el hablar o modales  La palabra petulante es un adjetivo. Es una palabra que se usa para un niño malhumorado, un adulto comportándose como un niño de mal carácter o unContinue reading “Petulante”


Confident Definition: 1. someone who is confident believes in their own abilities and does not feel nervous or frightened 2. having or showing assurance 3. full of conviction If you’re confident you are sure about something, someone, or yourself. Confident is often a word of assurance. – Vocabulary Dictionary Part of Speech (POS) adjective Below are aContinue reading “Confident”


Obstreperous Definition: 1. noisy and difficult to control 2. stubbornly resistant to control; unruly 3. boisterous, aggressive, defiant If you say that someone is obstreperous, you think that they are noisy and difficult to control. – Collins Dictionary Part of Speech (POS) adjective Below are a few examples of how to use the word correctlyContinue reading “Obstreperous”


Pusillanimous Definition: 1. lacking courage and resolution 2. timid, cowardly, or irresolute; fainthearted 3. weak and cowardly You can describe someone who lacks courage as pusillanimous, such as a pusillanimous student who is too afraid to speak out against someone who is bullying others. The pusillanimous person stays quiet, doesn’t get involved, waits for someoneContinue reading “Pusillanimous”