dfoww Part of Speech (POS) Part 8 Interjections Interjections are words that you can use to express a strong sense of emotion or feelings. Interjections are usually one single word. Example: ● Wow! ● Hurray! ● Awesome! Unlike the other seven parts of speech, interjections dont influence the grammar of a sentence. Interjections do notContinue reading “Interjections”


dfoww Part of Speech (POS) Part 6 Conjunctions Conjunctions join ideas and words together. There are many different kinds, but the two basic groups of conjunctions are coordinating and subordinating. In the English language, conjunctions come in three basic types: ● The coordinating conjunction● The subordinating conjunction● The correlative conjunction Coordinating conjunctions = are theContinue reading “Conjunctions”

Yore, Your, You’re

dfoww Yore, Your, You’re Does it matter which one I use, when speaking? Answer: No, because words that share the same pronunciation are called homophones. When writing however, it does matter because all three forms of this word have a different meaning.  Yore Yore= noun Definition: of long ago or former times Yore, meaning “aContinue reading “Yore, Your, You’re”