Yore, Your, You’re

dfoww Yore, Your, You’re Does it matter which one I use, when speaking? Answer: No, because words that share the same pronunciation are called homophones. When writing however, it does matter because all three forms of this word have a different meaning.  Yore Yore= noun Definition: of long ago or former times Yore, meaning “aContinue reading “Yore, Your, You’re”

Understanding Latin-based Abbreviations

dfoww We owe a huge debt to Latin. i.e. — “that is”e.g. — “for example”PhD — Doctor of PhilosophyCV — curriculum vitae*AM — ante meridiemPM — post meridiemEtc. — abbreviation for et cetera *A brief account of a person’s education, qualifications and previous occupation. n.b. – This is sometimes written at the end of aContinue reading “Understanding Latin-based Abbreviations”