Affinity for Adjectives

Posted by DFOWW, INCORPORATED on FEBRUARY 4, 2020 Word Game  Adverbs describe or modify the meaning of verbs or adjectives to make them more specific.  Examples • Fortunately, the outgoing children enjoyed a sunny day at the beach by playing wildly. Fortunately = adverb children = noun (plural subject) outgoing= adjective being used to describe the children  enjoyed = verbContinue reading “Affinity for Adjectives”


Posted by DFOWW, INCORPORATED on FEBRUARY 4, 2020EDIT Categorical Correct pronunciation: \ ˌkat-uh-GOR-ih-kul \ Definition: 1. absolute and unqualified 2. relating to or being a category 3. involving certain categories Categorical derives from the Greek word “kategoria”, which Aristotle used to describe the ten classes of things that constitute human knowledge to best understand the world. – VocabularyContinue reading “Categorical”