Affinity for Adjectives

Word Game 

Adjectives describe or modify the meaning of nouns and pronouns to make them more specific. 


• The astonished hiker sat on the wooden bench staring at the arresting colors of the stunning sunset. 

astonished = adjective being used to describe the hiker 

hiker = noun 

wooden = adjective being used to describe the bench 

bench = noun 

arresting = adjective being used to describe the colors 

colors = noun 

stunning = adjective being used to describe the sunset 

sunset = noun 

arresting definition: catching the attention; provoking interest

Here is another example

With the upcoming test, we are all worried. 

worried = adjective being used to modify the pronoun

we = pronoun 


  1. Select the adjective word group. 
  2. It’s extremely important that you know how to correctly pronounce a word.
  3. Google a word that you don’t know how to pronounce. Usually, there will be a megaphone next to the Googled word. Click on the megaphone to listen to the word’s correct pronunciation. 
  4. Use Google or a dictionary to learn each adjective word definition.
  5. Write (2) compound sentences for each of the (3) three listed adjectives. 

A compound sentence is (2) two (or more) independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction or semicolon. 

Example/Practice Game 

A. fauna • fealty • fallacy (nouns) 

B. felicitously • fiendishly• fretfully (adverbs) 

C. fatigue • feign • forfeit (verbs) 

D. facetious • flagrant • fiduciary (adjectives) 

Here is an example of how your answer should be written: 

Correct Answer 

D. This is the adjective word group. 

• The president’s flagrant behavior led to an impeachment. (Simple Sentence) 

 • The CEO has a fiduciary commitment to the company, so she must work hard to guarantee financial success. (Compound Sentence)

• After hearing the overwhelming evidence, the jury determined the defendant’s comments were facetious. (Complex Sentence) 

• When the teacher noticed the student’s flagrant disregard of the rules, he sent her to the principal’s office, and she received detention. (Compound-Complex Sentence) 

Now, it’s time to play the game. 

Game 1 


A. palpable • paramount • perpetual 

B. periodically • pragmatically • profusely 

C. parable • pariah • partition 

D. patronize • pan • perpetuate 

Game 2 

A. versatility • vitality • veracity 

B. valiantly • vehemently • viscerally 

C. vague • vehement • Victorian 

D. vary • vilify • vie 

Pay it forward. Please share your sentences in the Leave a Reply/Leave a Comment section below (keep scrolling down). In the comment section below, a member of our teaching staff will provide helpful feedback on the answers and sentences you provide. If you have any questions related to this workshop, please feel free to post them below.

We hope you enjoyed this reading and writing workshop. 

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