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Good morning, dfoww learners. Our Logophiles and Word of the Day (two-part) reading and writing workshops have been designed to help our students improve all areas of communication i.e., – listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Having a robust vocabulary plays an important part in learning to read. Our objective is to introduce and familiarize our students with new words, so that they have the necessary skills to effectively communicate with all sorts of people from various educational backgrounds.

Tomorrow, we will be sharing a word that begins with the letter C


1. The word is a verb. 

2. The word contains (10) letters. 

3. The word contains (3) vowels. 

4. The third letter of the word is a (r). 

5. The word rhymes with the word discontent.

6. The last letter of the word is a (t). 

 Those are all the clues we can provide. Can anyone guess the word? 

Game Rules

• The Word Game will be posted by 7 a.m. EST. 

• The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

• The first person to answer correctly will be announced as the $10 word game winner. 

• Participants are only to post the answer in the comment section found on our official   Facebook page. 

• Anyone can participate in the word game however, previously selected winners will only be eligible to win and/or claim the $10 cash prize twice a year for a maximum of $20

• Winners will only be notified on our official Facebook page. 

• Winners must like our official Facebook page. 

• Winners must send an email to claim the prize. The email must contain your PayPal account email address so that we can send you the money. 

• A member of our staff will deposit the $10 into your PayPal account upon receipt of your email. 

• If an International participant has been selected as the word game winner, $10 will be deposited to their PayPal account. To be eligible for the prize, the participant must follow all the above rules. 

Our email address is: info@dfoww.org. 

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