Word Game

Good Morning, dfoww learners!

Tomorrow, we will be sharing a word that begins with the letter A.


1. The word is a verb.

2. The word contains (10) letters.

3. The word contains (6) vowels.

4. The third letter of the word is a (e).

5. The word rhymes with the words ate, date and plate.

These are all the clues we can provide. Can anyone guess the word?


• All participants should post their answers in the comment section found on our official Facebook page.

• Winners will only be notified on our official Facebook page.

• Winners must like our official Facebook page.

• Once announced, winners must send an email to claim a cash prize of $10. The email should contain your PayPal account email address.

• Anyone can participate in the word game. However, previously selected winners will only be eligible to win and/or claim the $10 cash prize twice a year for a maximum of $20. (Updated Rule)

• A member of our staff will deposit the $10 into you PayPal account upon receipt of your email.

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