Slash Worksheet

Slash Worksheet

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Answer the following questions. Write your answers on a sheet of paper and then type your answers in the Leave a Reply/Leave a comment section below. A member of our teaching staff will provide helpful feedback on the answers you provide.

1. What does the slash represent in writing?

2. What are three common uses of the slash?

3. Is it ever acceptable to use the slash in formal writing?

4. Provide an example of using the slash to abbreviate “with you.”

Multiple Choice

5.Which is the appropriate way to write a slash?
A. (:)

B. (/)

C. (“)

D. (\)

6. Spaces are used after the / when using it to write ______ or _____.

A. music/poems

B. numbers/fractions

C. dates/abbreviations

D. none of the above

7. Which is the appropriate way to use a slash to indicate 10 sessions per week?

A. 10 /week

B. 10/week

C. 10/ week

D. 10/per week

Fill in the blank

8.The slash signifies alternatives such as _________/________.

True or False

9. The slash used in common English writing is known as the backslash.

10.The slash was once used to mark periods and commas.

*Bonus question

The slash can be used in formal writing only when writing what?

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