Statement of Solidarity

June 7, 2020

Statement of Solidarity

Let this letter serve as the official dfoww, Incorporated show of support to the family of Mr. George Floyd. We offer our sincere condolences and strongly condemn his savage and heartless murder at the hands of four former Minneapolis Minnesota Police Department officers and the Department at large. We also denounce the countless heinous, reprehensible and egregiously murderous acts committed against black people in the United States. Moreover, dfoww, Incorporated castigates any and all nefarious acts against all human beings that would impede their pursuit of life and liberty. We believe that all human beings are created equal in the eyes of God. Therefore, we call for the end of systemic racism against black and brown people worldwide. To that end, we shall remain united in using our platform to educate and empower.


The dfoww, Incorporated

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