June Workshops

June 2020 Schedule

All online reading and writing workshops will be published by 7am EST.

6/10/20 Wednesday – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary | 7am EST.

6/12/20 Friday – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary Day | 7am EST.

6/17/20 Wednesday – Affinity for Adjectives | Building Vocabulary | 7am EST.

6/19/20 Friday – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary | 7am EST.

6/23/20 Tuesday – Logophiles | Building Vocabulary | 7am EST.

6/24/20 Wenesday – Word of the Day | Word of the Day | 7am EST.

6/30/20 Tuesday – Punctuation Marks Part 11 The Dash | Basic Rules of Grammar | 7am EST.

6/30/20 Tuesday – Dash Worksheet | Worksheets | 7am EST.

Additional Announcements

dfoww, Incorporated’s contact information has been updated.

Our contact email address is info@dfoww.org. In addition, the nonprofit’s official business contact telephone number is (678) 977-9703.

All monthly reading and writing workshop schedules will be available on the 3rd calendar day of each month in our Announcement category on our website.

We’ve updated our Logophiles word game rules. Winners will receive $10 cash!

Write-Right Literacy Program

Interested individuals may now register for our Summer/Fall 6 month adult Write-Right Literacy Program. This free program will be taught through our virtual online classroom. The Summer/Fall program will begin on Tuesday July 7, 2020 and end on Thursday January 7, 2021.

Who should register?

• Anyone interested in improving their reading
• Anyone interested in writing a book
• Anyone interested in pursuing a career in Writing
• Anyone interested in pursuing a career in Journalism
• Anyone interested in tutoring youth literacy
• Anyone interested in creative writing
• Anyone interested in essay writing
• Anyone interested in obtaining their GED

All participants who successfully complete the program with a 70 average or above will receive a certificate of completion and will be equipped with the skills to complete the reading and writing portion of their states GED program. Successful participants will also receive a cash stipend. For more information and to register for the program please email us at info@dfoww.org

Registration is now open and the deadline to register is June 30, 2020.

Due to the nature of the public COVID-19 pandemic, dfoww, Incorporated will suspend all community events until further notice. dfoww, Incorporated will resume scheduling community events once we receive public notification from the Centers for Disease Control that all public activities may resume as normal.

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