Ellipses Worksheet

Ellipses Worksheet

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Complete the following sentences. Write your answers on a sheet of paper and then type your answers in the Leave a Reply/Leave a Comment section below. In the comment section below, a member of our teaching staff will provide helpful feedback on the answers you provide.

1. What is the difference between ellipsis and ellipses?

2. What are the three primary uses of ellipses?

3. Is it grammatically correct to use an ellipsis at the beginning or end of a quote to show that there’s addition material before or after what’s being quoted? (Please explain your answer).

4. Writers use an ellipsis to show an omission, or leaving out, of a word or words in a quote (or even sentences and paragraphs). Write a sentence using an ellipsis to show an omission of a few words from a quotation.

Questions 5 – 8 Multiple choice

5. An ellipsis punctuation consist of?

A. 2 dots

B. 3 dots

C. 4 dots

D. Both A and C

6. According to The Chicago Manual of Style, always use spaces _____, ______, ______  each ellipsis point.

A. in between

B. after

C. before

D. All of the above

7. When a sentence ends with an ellipsis, what  should be included for clarity?

A. semicolon

B. comma

C. a final period or other punctuation

D. question mark

8. Some writers will insert ______  around the first letter of the material being quoted, and ______ the first letter of the quote to alert the reader the quote has been excerpted from a larger work.

A. brackets, capitalize

B. dash, hyphen

C. parentheses, capitalize

D. Both B and C

9. If an ellipsis comes immediately after a grammatically complete sentence, that sentence still needs its own ______

A. comma

B. period

C. quotation marks

D. Both A and C

10. Ellipses should be used in ______ for the right reasons and in the right context.

A. excess

B. formal writing

C. moderation

D. Both A and B

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