January Workshops

January 2020 Schedule

1/13/20 –  The 4 Types of Sentences | Basic Rules of Grammar

1/13/20 – Types of Sentences Worksheet | Worksheets

1/14/20 – Logophiles | Building Vocabulary

1/15/20 – Word of the Day | Word of the Day

1/17/20 – Auspicious Learners | Building Vocabulary

1/20/20 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

1/22/20 – Affinity for Adjectives | Building Vocabulary

1/24/20 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

1/27/20 – Logophiles | Building Vocabulary

1/28/20 – Word of the Day | Word of the Day

1/31/20 – Lexicon Geeks | Building Vocabulary

Additional Announcements

We’ve updated our Logophiles word game rules. Beginning January 14, 2020 game winners will receive $10 cash.

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