Quotation Marks Worksheet

Quotation Marks Worksheet

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Multiple choice

Complete the following sentences

1. Always capitalize the __________ word in a complete quotation, even midsentence.

A. second

B. fourth

C. last

D. first

2. Use __________ quotation marks to set off a direct (word-for-word) quotation.

A. single

B. double

C. several

D. many

3. Unless they are part of the original quotation, all punctuation marks other than __________ or __________ are placed outside the quotation marks.

A. semicolons or colons

B. commas or periods

C. exclamation points or question marks

D. apostrophes or ellipsis

4. The __________ and __________ should always be placed outside the quotation marks.

A. exclamation point | question mark

B. apostrophe | hyphen

C. parentheses | dash

D. colon | semicolon

5. Direct quotations involve incorporating another person’s exact words into your own writing.

A. exact

B. partial

C. eloquent

D. descriptive


Provide written answers for questions 6 – 10.
All examples you give should be examples you come up with and not those provided in the workshop.

Please share your answers in the leave a reply section below (keep scrolling down). A member of our teaching staff will provide helpful feedback on the answers you provide below.

6. Give me an example of a direct quotation.

7. What is an indirect quote and give an example?

8. What are single quotation marks used for and provide an example?

9. In American English, what are double quotation marks used for?

10. What is a euphemism and provide an example?

11. Scare quotation marks are used to express __________ concerning the use of the enclosed word or phrase or to emphasize that the word or phrase is being used as a __________ .

A. anger | idiom

B. irony | paradox

C.  disapproval | sarcasm

D. skepticism | euphemism

12. Give me an example of a scare quote in a sentence.

13. Give me an example of a scare quote inside another quote.

14. Use quotation marks for the titles of shorter pieces of work: __________ , __________ , __________ , __________ , T.V. episodes, etc.

A. poems | articles

B. title of an album | title of a CD

C. book chapters | songs

D. Both A and C

E. Both A and B

15. Block quotations are used in __________ writing but are also common in __________ and __________ writing.

A. academic

B. fiction

C. journalistic

D. nonfiction

E. Both A, C, and D

16. A block quotation is a __________ quotation that is indented from the left margin and begins on a new line.

A. scare

B. indirect

C. direct

D. Both A and B

17. __________ , __________ , and __________ , are different styles you use to cite works from writers.

A. Chicago Manual of Style



D. All of the above

18. MLA and APA are both acronyms used to reference citation styles. What are the full names of these acronyms?

Correct Answers

1. D
2. B
3. B
4. D
5. A
6. Example
7. Answer +  example
8. Answer + example
9. Answer
10. Answer + example
11. D
12. Example
13. Example
14. D
15. E
16. C
17. D
18. Answer

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