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Word Game

One of the ways we build vocabulary is by word association. The goal of this word association game, is to help our participants make connections between words.

Synonym = a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.


1. Select the group of words that are synonyms of the subject word(s) listed below. For this game, participants are encouraged to use google and or the dictionary to ascertain unfamiliar word definitions.

2. Select two new words, that you have learned from this game and write two sentences correctly using the word. Please post your answers in the comment section below on our website.


Dark (subject word)

A. grey | smokey | sooty

B. black | ebony | inky

C. caliginous | stygian | swarthy

D. evil | nefarious | wicked

Here is how your answer should be written:

Correct Answer


1. swarthy

2. nefarious

• Idris Elba is a tall, swarthy, attractive, man.

• The murderer’s nefarious plot, was halted by the undercover police officer.

Now it’s time to play the game.


A. activity | objectivity | sensitivity

B. Inclination | predisposition | leaning

C. task | assignment | duty

D. dislike | disinclination | hate


A. unappeasable | uncontrollable | unslakable

B. wish | yearning | eagerness

C. faith | belief | confidence

D. traceable | derivative | visible

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