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Word Game

One of the ways we build vocabulary is by word association. The goal of this word association game, is to help our participants make connections between words.


Select the group of words directly related to the subject word listed below. For this game, participants are encouraged to use google and or the dictionary to ascertain unfamiliar word definitions. Please provide and explain your answers in the comment section below.


German Shepherd (subject)

Read through all the choices and then select the group of words directly related to the subject word.

A. chocolate cake | apple pie | banana bread

B. giant breed | medium breed | small breed

C. Doberman | Golden Retriever | Labrador

D. cat | goldfish | bird | hamster

Correct answer


This is because this group of words (dog breeds) are directly related to the subject word (German Shepherd).

Now it’s time for you to play the game.


A. nonbinary | gender fluid | hermaphrodite

B. gay | lesbian | transgender | queer

C. gender | sex | sexual orientation | sexual attraction

D. Klinefelter syndrome | Androgen insensitivity | gonadal dysgenesis | congenital adrenal hyperplasia (all medical conditions).

Sexual orientation

A. transgender | intersex | drag queen

B. heterosexual | homosexual | bisexual

C. gender fluid | queer | nonbinary

D. metrosexual | retrosexual | spornosexual

For more information on intersex, please see published articles under the menu section.

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