Word Game

Tomorrow, dfoww will be sharing a word that begins with the letter (B).


1. The word is an adjective.
2. The word contains (10) letters.
3. The word contains (3) vowels.
4. The third letter of the word is a consonant.
5. An antonym of/for the word is: (clean).
6. The word rhymes with the words haggled and waggled.

Those are all the clues, we are able to provide. Can anyone guess the word?

*dfoww word game rules

• Participants must post answer in this comment section on our website, or participants may post their answer on our official Facebook or Twitter page.

• The first person who answers correctly in this comment section will be announced as dfoww’s word game winner.

• Winners will be notified on our official Facebook and Twitter pages.

• Winners must email us within 24 hours, and provide our lead writer with their selection/choice of a word, for dfoww to share in our next presentation of our word of the day workshop. A member of our staff will respond to all emails within 48 hours.

• No profanity, reckless, or incendiary words and or language will be considered for publication on our website.

• As participation grows, and we receive more donations through our GOFUNDME page, dfoww will give away $10 Starbucks gift cards to winners.

Our email address is: dfoww@comcast.net

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