Word Game


Word Game

Tomorrow, dfoww will be sharing a word that begins with the letter (O).


1. The word is an adjective.
2. The word contains 10 letters.
3. The word contains 6 vowels.
4. The word rhymes with (Prometheus).
5. The third letter of the word is a consonant.
6. An antonym of/for the word is: unsubmissive.
7. Some might agree, this type of personality/trait can be annoying.

Those are all the clues, we are able to provide. Can anyone guess the word?

*dfoww word game rules

● Participants must post answer in comment section on dfoww’s website.

● The first person who answers correctly in the comment section will be announced as dfoww’s word game winner.

● dfoww word game winners may participate in all future word games, however, are only eligible to win prizes once per month.

● Winners will be notified in the comment section on dfoww’s website.

● Winners must email us within 24 hours to claim prize and provide our lead writer with their word choice for us to share.

● No profanity or reckless, incendiary words will be considered for publication.

● Our temporary email address is:


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