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1. an unfounded rumor or story.

2. canard is also an aviation term. It refers to the small, stabilizing wings toward the front of some aircraft, as well as to aircraft that have canards.

Part of Speech (POS)


I’ll use it in a sentence:

● The story about Nicole being a prostitute, was a canard deliberately created to destroy her reputation.

● Because the canard wings were damaged on the airplane, the pilot was unable to fly the aircraft.

● Instead of being so credulous* about the canard, how you even asked him if it was true?

● The canard wings increase the aircraft’s performance.

● Because I’ve lost alot of weight, the canard floating around the neighborhood is that I’m on drugs.

● I was disconsolate after learning my best friend started the canard.

* dfoww will share the word: credulity, in our word of the day writing workshop, sometime in September 2019.

Now it’s your turn, on a sheet of paper or in the comment section below, write a few sentences using the word: canard.

Tip: Use the word during a conversation today. The more you familiarize yourself with this word, by consistently incorporating it in your vocabulary and writing, the easier it will be to remember the word. Figuratively speaking, you’ll own the word.

We hope you enjoyed this workshop.

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