Yore, Your, You’re


Yore, Your, You’re

Does it matter which one I use, when speaking?

Answer: No, because words that share the same pronunciation are called homophones. When writing however, it does matter because all three forms of this word have a different meaning. 


Yore= noun

Definition: of long ago or former times

Yore, meaning “a time long ago,” is used in the same manner as days gone by and olden times. Yore is often used to convey olden times are superior to the present day.


● In the days of yore, glamorizing premarital sex wasn’t even conceivable.

● The materials used to make cars of yore, were so much better than the materials used to make cars today.


Your = adjective

Definition: belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing

The word your sits before another word (usually a noun or a pronoun) to show that it belongs to “you” (e.g., your house, your dog).

Nouns and pronouns usually follow the word your.

Your is the possessive form of you. It is a second-person possessive adjective used as a modifier before a noun.


● Your dress is beautiful.

● Are these your shoes?

● What does your schedule look like?

● Is that your cousin?

Since your is an adjective, we can typically expect a noun or pronoun to follow it in our sentence. (See sentence examples above).


You’re = contraction

Definition: you are

The word you’re is a contraction of two separate words, and the apostrophe in the middle of the word indicates this to us. When you see words with an apostrophe like this, you can be sure that it is a contraction; the apostrophe stands for a missing letter (or letters) in the word.


● Shouldn’t = Should not

● Don’t  = Do not

● He’ll = He will

● Aren’t = Are not

Below are examples of the word you’re being used incorrectly.

A. You’re car is making so much noise.

This is incorrect because it makes no sense to say: You are car is making so much noise.

B. Is that you’re dog?

This is incorrect because it makes no sense to say: Is that you are dog?

In the following sentences, which demonstrates the correct use of the word you’re? Please provide your answer in the comment section below.

A. You’re makeup is beautiful.

B. You’re driving to fast.

C. You’re house is so big.

D. You’re doing a fantastic job.

The next time someone thanks you in an email or text message, the correct written response is:

A. Your welcome


B. You’re welcome

Correct answer: B

Remember writing should be fun! We hope you enjoyed this workshop.

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