Word of the Day





1. a diverse collection

2. a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition.

3. strange or diverse collection of people or things.

Part of Speech (POS)


I’ll use it in a sentence:

● With all the daily infighting between members of congress on Capitol Hill, I’m often incredulous at this menagerie of lawmakers.

● The menagerie of people in attendance at Lisa’s all white party, weren’t very *convivial and many in attendance wore the color blue.

● It was amazing to see the zoo’s menagerie of exotic reptiles.

● Lisa was overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing her boyfriend’s menagerie of paintings.

● The intersex exponent expected a menagerie of questions at the seminar, from those skeptical of intersex medical conditions.

*Please review the word: (convivial) in dfoww’s, ‘Word of the day’ category.

Which sentence above contains alliteration? Please provide your answer in the comment section below. (Review dfoww Basic Rules of Grammar – Alliteration).

Now it’s your turn, on a sheet of paper or in the comment section below, write a few sentences using the word: menagerie.

Tip: Use the word during a conversation today. The more you familiarize yourself with this word, by consistently incorporating it in your vocabulary and writing, the easier it will be to remember the word. Figuratively speaking, you’ll own the word.

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