1. an intense feeling of loathing or disgust; hatred

2. a usually prejudiced and often spiteful or malevolent ill will

Parts of Speech (POS)


I’ll use it in a sentence:

● Because of bigotry, many people in society have so much animus, towards African American Transgender women and those born intersex.

● I’m not sure why Donatella has so much animus against her mother-in-law.

● If you can hear the animus in my voice, it’s because I’m so angry, that my best friend Penelope, was robbed at gunpoint last night.

● Many celebrities in Hollywood strongly believe that Georgia’s new “Heartbeat” bill, exposes the animus, many lawmakers have for women’s reproductive and health care rights.

Next, on a sheet of paper or in the comment section below, write a few sentences using the word: animus.

Tip: Use the word during a conversation today. The more you familiarize yourself with this word, by consistently incorporating it in your vocabulary and writing, the easier it will be to remember the word. Figuratively speaking, you’ll own the word.

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