Tomorrow, dfoww will be sharing a word that begins with the letter (A). The word is a noun. 


1. The word contains 6 letters.
2. The word contains 3 vowels.
3. An antonym of/for the word is: (amity).
4. The third letter of the word is a vowel. 

Those are all the clues, we are able to provide.  Can anyone guess the word?

The first person to answer correctly in the comment section below, will be selected by dfoww’s lead writer, to choose a word for us to share, for next week’s presentation, of our “Word of the day”. dfoww will also encourage its followers/audience to follow you on social media.

Please note:

Our website is currently under construction. We apologize for any inconvenience.

dfoww logo coming soon!

dfoww online store coming soon!

dfoww official Facebook and Twitter page coming soon!

dfoww will be introducing our board of directors, and our staff members soon.

dfoww” is a small nonprofit organization, with very limited resources. If you are interested in volunteering your time, talent, and or if you wish to donate monetarily, please email us directly. We appreciate any and all donations provided, in an effort to help us further our mission.

Our temporary email address is:

Follow us on Twitter @DaphanyDuBois1

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