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  1. Think deeply about something; meditate or reflect.
  2. To meditate deeply or intently.


I’ll use it in a sentence

● Unfortunately, because Fred smoked cigarettes and didn’t cogitate, the long term pernicious side effects of smoking; he developed lung cancer.

● After dating Marvin for six months, Allison cogitated on whether or not to marry him. *

● Some people are so preoccupied with the mundane things of life, they dont ever pause, to cogitate about their future.

● While incarcerated in jail, inmates have time to cogitate, about the crimes they have committed against society. 

● Because being born intersex is so peculiar,** many individuals born intersex, cogitate on whether or not to disclose their medical diagnosis publicly. 

Last year DFOWW covered the word pernicious.

*Cogitate +(d) = an intransitive verb

*Cogitated = intransitive verb

** I purposely chose the word peculiar because the word is unique and has multiple meanings.

Please review DFOWW (basic rules of grammar), intransitive vs transitive verbs, if you need to refresh your memory.

  • Now it’s your turn, on a sheet of paper, or in the comment section below, write a few sentences using the word: cogitate.
  • Tip: Use the word during a conversation today. The more you familiarize yourself with this word, by consistently incorporating it in your vocabulary and writing, the easier it will be to remember the word. Figuratively speaking, you’ll own the word.

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