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Rather vs Whether

Does it matter which one I choose when writing or speaking?

Answer: Yes, it matters because, both words have a different meaning. They are NOT synonymous with one another and both words share different roles in the parts of speech. 

What is the difference between rather and whether?

  1. Rather is an adverb, and is used to convey one’s preference in a particular matter.


● I’d rather watch television, than go jogging.

● I perfer to have banana pudding, rather than sweet potato pie. 

● You go to the concert, I’d rather chill at Boston’s house.

  1. Whether is a conjunction and is used to express a doubt or choice between alternatives.


● I still don’t know whether or not she’s coming over.

● Whether we win or lose, we’re all still awesome. 

● Brandy is still deciding, on whether or not to join the Facebook group.

** Remember, if you can replace ‘whether’ with (if) than you are using the word correctly. 

‘Rather’ implies that you’d prefer one over the other. It’s the word you use when you’ve made the decision to do something over something else.

Remember, writing should be fun! I hope you enjoyed this presentation.

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